Alexander Hamilton


Alexander Hamilton, ID 1250041

Alexander Hamilton was born on this day in 1755, and in 1789 he became the first United States Secretary of the Treasury. The visionary, who foresaw the need for a strong system of national government, was the primary contributor to The Federalist Papers, co-authored by James Madison and John Jay.

Hamilton, who served with George Washington in the American Revolution [1] has recently gained pop-culture fame by Pulitzer Prize winning author Lin-Manuel Miranda who in 2016 received a Pulitzer Prize for his hip-hop Broadway musical Hamilton – the portrayal of both the genius and self-destructive tendencies of one of America’s founding fathers [2].

The Alexander Hamilton Papers are available to view online through the New York Public Library.


Letter to John Jay (1775), ID 5248100


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2. Chasity Moreno. “Hamilton, An American Musical: A Reading and Resource List.” New York Public Library, April 26, 2016. Accessed January 11, 2017.



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