What’s an MLIS?

An MLIS, or M.L.I.S., is a Master’s degree in Library and Information Studies (or Science). This means hands-on experience as a researcher, including navigation of complex databases, library catalogs, archives, digital collections, and all kinds of information with emphasis on historical and genealogy resources that are not indexed on the internet.

Research is more complex than surfing the internet since 80% of all web-based information is not indexed, and not all materials have been digitized. Rich historical materials, particularly primary sources that can be used to create unique and original work, are backlogged in archives and can require a physical visit. Usually, it can be difficult to determine the contents of an archive to even justify a visit. My fancy degree has educated me on the resources available to conduct effective research through various research strategies with emphasis on historical and genealogical research.

As an experienced freelance writer, I also offer proofreading, editing and fact-checking, with a focus on manuscripts and film, personal use.